Six months! Most Rolls-Royce vehicles take six months to build because they are handcrafted by brilliant designers, engineers, and technicians. They are also highly customizable and can include materials that are handpicked by you, the owner of the unique Rolls-Royce vehicle.

Customize Your Rolls-Royce With Premium Materials

Every new Rolls-Royce can be customized according to your wants and preferences. From the exterior paint color to the interior materials used, you choose how you want your Rolls-Royce to look and feel. Here are just a few examples of what you could customize in your new Rolls-Royce car or SUV.

  • Color Palette - The Rolls-Royce brand contains 44,000 "standard" colors available for the exterior paint job. Some customers even create and name their own color, making their Rolls-Royce entirely one-of-a-kind for forever.
  • Starlight Headliner - The inside of your car's roof can contain lights to resemble the starlit sky. You can also rearrange those lights to create any constellation you desire or even have the night sky from an important date placed on your interior (such as the night sky from when your child was born).
  • Embroidery or Tattoos - Do you have a family crest that you'd like to place in your vehicle? Have any symbol embroidered or tattooed on the leather upholstery. You can also have it set into the wood veneer.
  • Only the Best Materials - The exotic woods come directly from the source and are kept at the perfect temperature and humidity levels. The leather comes from young bulls that are kept on farms with no barbed-wire fences, high-altitudes, and barns for nighttime rest. Special materials, such as alligator skin, ostrich pelts, and more, can be added as requested. You can even choose to have wood taken directly from your family woods to make your interior truly legendary.

Contact Paul Miller Rolls-Royce To Discuss Ordering Your Custom Rolls-Royce Vehicle

If you'd like to customize your own new Rolls-Royce we recommend contacting our Paul Miller Rolls-Royce dealership. We'll work with you to build a custom Cullinan, custom Ghost, and more. We're here to help every New Jersey or New York driver, whether you're from Bergen County, Middlesex County, or Morris County, find the perfect new Rolls-Royce for you.

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